"haha i don’t care" 

*goes home and cries*

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queer people WILL populate the moon

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Paul Simonon 

we joke about procrastination but nothing is worse than the nauseating feeling of having every intention of doing something but physically not being capable of doing it and then feeling like you want to throw up because the deadline is just getting closer and closer.

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"Gay. Bi. Straight, Asexual. Long ago, the sexualities lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the Heteros attacked. Only the Pansexuals, master of all sexualities, could stop them.”

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left my baby in new york city

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David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust in Los Angeles, 1973.


Scan - Ringo and George, and the obligatory jelly beans (as The Beatles found out, the harder American equivalent to jelly babies), Washington Coliseum, 50 years ago today, on 11 February 1964
Photo: Dezo Hoffmann
"It was terrible. They hurt. They don’t have soft jelly babies in America but hard jelly beans like bullets. Some newspaper had dug out the old joke which we’d forgotten about, when John had once said I’d eaten all his jelly babies. Everywhere we went I got them them thrown at me." - George Harrison, quoted in The Beatles, the authorized biography by Hunter Davies